Missouri Coalition of Nurses in Advanced Practice

MCNAP July 2018 - Communication Question

Posted 6 months ago by Suzanne Opperman

How are you notified about up coming MCNAP events when posted??

I have heard from various people that they are not receiving notification of MCNAP events when posted.

Please respond with which of the following you receive:

1. ENP network notification

2. skelley53@aol.com  email

3. no email

4. from other members

5. Facebook Page

Thank you,

Suzanne Opperman, APRN, PMHNP

MCNAP President



Elizabeth Schroeder 6 months ago


Madonna Ferris 6 months ago


Tina Dalrymple 6 months ago

I receive the MCNAP network notification.

Lindy Ford 6 months ago


Elizabeth Geden 4 months ago

EPN Although the notifications about the mtg in Sept on Migraine..did not have a place to respond.

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